Security & Privacy

#Information security breaches, or the sexier-sounding “cyberattacks,” have become common, almost routine at this point.
The popular press frequently reports about the compromise of Fortune 100 companies and governments by unknown assailants.
What’s not reported, however, is that small businesses and home users are equally targeted—for different reasons, but still targeted.
The Internet is essentially now the Wild West, and the majority of us are bringing a butter knife to a gun fight.
If presumably sophisticated users, such as governments and Fortune 100 companies, are falling prey, how can the rest of us survive? Unfortunately, there’s no silver-bullet answer.
The traditional information security approach is grounded in mathematics and sound engineering practice—building a strong trusted base and extending it vertically.
Although this approach works in theory, it’s impractical, expecially considering and following the EU burocracy "suggestions".
The costs and development time are usually too high. Worse, the usability of these highly secure systems tends to be wanting.
They often don’t take into account that people must use these systems—people who might not have any engineering or security training.
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