logo BooleBoole Server is the first multi-award winning Data Centric Protection software to secure protect, exchange and manage any confidential data.
Boole Server is a secure, scalable system designed to safeguard sensitive data, while allowing it to be shared with staff, partners and customers as and when needed.
Boole Server ensures that data cannot be lost or stolen when in transit or on the server and that only authorized recipients can use, edit or view specific files.

PERSISTENT ENCRYPTION Boole Server secures file, e-mail and text using a 2048 bit encryption key, based on a symmetric algorithm. To ensure the confidentiality of information protected by Boole Server, the decryption keys are stored centrally and not with the file itself, so they are never exposed. As a result files cannot be decrypted without the information owner’s authorization via Boole server. Furthermore, the protection applied by Boole Sever continues even when encrypted files are in use, unlike other encryption systems whose protection disappears when files are decrypted and read, Boole Server offers persistent protection even after files are opened by a user.logo boole architecture

FLEXIBLE ACCESS Boole Server users have the ability to access protected information from anywhere and at anytime without the risk of reducing the security of their information. Using Boole Server it is possible to create a Secure Cloud within an organization over the SSL communication protocol (the same standard globally adopted in the financial industry).

ABSOLUTE PROTECTION Protection by Boole Server has a wider scope than the limited traditional system of perimeter security. Boole Server’s innovative approach to information protection has a far wider scope than the limited solution of perimeter security. Boole Server’s protection is not based on the premise that data is used either inside or outside of the company: with Boole Server, files are protected everywhere and all the time. Importantly, Boole Server’s architecture ensures that system administrators are not able to use their privileges to access the content of protected files; only the selected data managers can control their information and set sharing and access permissions.

CONSTANT MONITORING Boole Server’s advanced Auditing system ensures complete knowledge of all activity within the system. The data manager can see a clear visual report of all the activities that have been carried out on a given file and track which operations have been performed by any given user.

SECURE SHARING Boole Server is revolutionizing the secure sharing of confidential data, not only making it possible to individually select who the information is shared with, but also to enforce different access rights to multiple users of a single document. Boole Server’s Granular and Dynamic Rights Management, allows real time editing of any users rights at any time. Access to information can be instantly revoked even after information has been shared.


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